Staff and Board

September 23, 2011
  • Dylan Mazur, B.S.W, R.S.W., J.D. (Candidate)  Executive Director 
  • Camille Dumond, M.A., M. Ed., R.C.C.  Clinical Counsellor
  • Mariana Martinez Vieyra, M. Ed., R.C.C.  Clinical Counsellor
  • Leila Milani  Administrative Assistant 

Board of Directors

  • Huda Al-Saedy  Member
  • Laura Best  Member 
  • Manuela Costantino  Chair
  • Amrit Dhatt  Member
  • Jodie Gauthier  Member
  • Anna Kristensen  Member 
  • Kim Peterson  Member
  • Brian Thomas-Peters  Member
  • Corina Tomlinson  Treasurer 
  • Amita Vulimiri  Member
  • Heather Wojcik  Member 

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