Training and Education

November 22, 2017

VAST not only provide services to directly support refugee mental health, we also take a leading role in training other organizations to respond to the needs of this diverse community.

We provide refugee mental health training and education, and advisory consultation for all refugee serving organizations in the Lower Mainland. We are committed to building capacity in this sector, so as to respond effectively and safely to the complex mental health needs of new arrivals.

VAST is a member of the Canadian Network for Survivors of Torture and Trauma, and the International Rehabilitation Council for Victims of Torture.

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If you are interested in learning more about training and education, please get in touch.

We are grateful to our partners at Vancity for their support as we develop a Training Delivery platform that allows VAST to offer remote training in refugee mental health.

VAST offers the following training modules and programs:

  • Trauma Informed Practice with Refugees
  • Self-care and Sustainability
  • Working with Interpreters in a Mental Health Context
  • Boundaries
  • Supporting Refugee Children
  • Group-Based Models for Refugee Mental Health
  • Healing for Refugees and Refugee Claimants
  • Expressive Arts-Based Approach to Refugee Mental Health
  • Cross Cultural Skills for Working with Refugee Populations
  • Supporting Refugee Mental Health: covers the complexity of the refugee experience, refugee mental health common concerns, refugee trauma,trauma-informed practice with refugees
  • A Group-Model Approach to Refugee Trauma Recovery -Trauma -Focused Groups for Refugees
    • Assessment for Vulnerability
    • Trauma-informed Practice I and II
    • Trauma Counselling with Refugees