September 23, 2011

Staff and Board


Frank Cohn, M.S.W – Executive Director 
Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Frank is a sought-after facilitator with more than 20 years experience in designing, managing, and evaluating Youth and Community Development Programs. Frank has his BA in Literature and Philosophy from UBC and his Masters of Science in Social Work from Columbia University.

Mariana Martinez Vieyra, M. Ed., R.C.C. – Clinical Supervisor
Mariana holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology from UBC and has twenty-five (25) years of experience working with survivors of political violence and torture in Canada and Latin America.

Matias HackerClinical Counsellor
Matias is an expressive arts therapist/counselor. Working in the field of trauma and PTSD he has experienced that mind/body oriented-modalities blended with Expressive Arts constitute a great approach to therapy.

  • Maria Fernanda Medrano – Clinical Counsellor
  • Luksaz Felczak – Expressive Arts Therapist
  • Elena Hack – Expressive Art Therapist
  • Jhevoi Melville – Social Worker
  • Maria Victoria Kenny – Interpreter / Move & Relax (Yoga) Instructor
  • Rahul Soma, MD. – Psychiatrist


  • A.R. – Finance & Operations Manager
  • Sara Maria Gomez Lopez – Intake & Engagement Coordinator
  • Mahnaz Amirhosseini – Intake Support Worker
  • Rawan Nahhas – Intake Support Worker
  • Hosnia Shekib – Intake Support Worker
  • Farooq Mehdi – Editor in Chief, Voices Against Torture


Board of Directors